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  • Prima Sidera Critical Minerals Hub in Italy

    Prima Sidera

    Discover the Critical Minerals Platform

Prima Sidera is the critical minerals tech hub in the heart of the Mediterranean

We are a cutting-edge Italian startup with an international footprint, established with the ambition of optimizing value chains in high tech sectors. Located in the area of Naples, Italy, and serving as a crucial connection hub for global routes, we are dedicated to becoming an advanced technology platform in distributing critical minerals for our international partners and clients. We are devoted to deliver secure, resilient, and cost-effective supply strategies for “critical raw materials” (CRMs) in the most advanced and strategic industries.

Relying on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology, we distribute polycrystalline silicon, gallium nitride (GAN), tungsten, graphite, and other critical minerals, meeting the demands of the Defense, Space & Aerospace, Energy, Electronics and Semiconductor industries.

Just as the prime stars (from Latin “Prima Sidera”) timelessly guided explorers to new destinations, we aim to orient our partners and customers toward the frontiers of innovation.


We work towards a future where value chains in technologically critical sectors are strong, sustainable, and resilient.


Our mission is to be the key partner in distributing critical minerals in high tech industries. We aim to serve as a crucial connection hub for global routes and a strategic platform to secure supplies and stockpiles for our international partners and clients.

Value Proposition

At Prima Sidera, we specialize in crafting targeted distributing strategies for high-tech sectors. With our deep industry expertise and extensive global network, we deliver sustainable supply strategies for critical minerals, reinforcing the security and resilience of your value chains. Count on us as your trusted partner to manage future challenges with resilience and sustainability.

Latest Updates

8 March 2024

Prima Sidera’s Contribution to Bologna Business School’s Startup Ecosystem Day 2024

Prima Sidera is thrilled to announce the participation of its Founder and CEO, Mr. Carmine America, at the Startup Ecosystem Day hosted by Bologna Business School on March 6, 2024
4 January 2024

Prima Sidera: Safeguarding Semiconductor Supply Chains for a Resilient Future

In a significant move, the Biden-Harris Administration recently unveiled its preliminary terms with Microchip Technology Inc., marking a crucial step towards bolstering the resilience of America’s semiconductor supply chain. This partnership, formed under the CHIPS and Science Act, aims to invest approximately $162 million in federal incentives to support the onshoring of Microchip’s semiconductor supply chain. As global industries, particularly automotive, defense, and aerospace, grapple with the repercussions of semiconductor shortages, the spotlight is now on initiatives like Prima Sidera, Italian startup, aiming to play a pivotal role in preserving critical mineral supply chains in the Mediterranean region.
23 December 2023

Unlocking the Mediterranean’s Potential: Prima Sidera’s Role as a Critical Minerals Hub

In the face of recent challenges to global shippings, the importance of a secure and reliable supply chain for critical minerals has never been more evident. The disruptions caused by Red Sea attacks have compelled companies to seek alternative routes, impacting global trade and increasing the cost of imported goods. Amidst this turmoil, Prima Sidera emerges as a beacon of stability, offering a strategic solution to secure the critical minerals supply chain through its innovative platform.

Registered Office

Via Umberto I 35F, Mariglianella, 80030, NA, ITALY