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Tech platform for critical minerals

Our advanced tech platform provides sourcing services for critical minerals in key sectors. We work closely with our clients to support their business models and economic performance.

Functioning as a strategic platform to secure supplies and stockpiles, we leverage Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as crucial connection hubs for global routes in the heart of the Mediterranean region. Our operations cater to the Aerospace, Defense, and Security sectors, as well as the Energy, Electronics, and Semiconductor industries, with the overarching aim of spearheading technological transition. Through our expansive global network, we empower our clients to overcome strategic challenges and achieve success.

  • Our AI platform is based on a variety of information with predictive features: market intelligence briefings, economic and financial risk assessments, international trade monitoring reports, and geopolitics insights.

  • Our geographical location, situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and at the center of major international routes, enables us to promptly meet the sourcing and stockpiling needs of critical minerals for our international clients. We secure our network through the use of blockchain technology, allowing us to trace the entire value chains of our targeted critical minerals.

Blockchain Technology
Artificial Intelligence
International Trade Monitoring
Geopolitics Insights



As a supply platform situated in the heart of the Mediterranean region, we specialize in designing and implementing procurement and stockpiling strategies for critical minerals in the defense industry. Our commitment lies in ensuring the highest standards of compliance with the sector’s stringent regulations, security demands, and specialized needs. We collaborate closely with our clients to support their business models and enhance economic performance.

Space & Aerospace

In the Space and Aerospace industry, we are dedicated to developing and implementing procurement strategies for the sector specific and peculiar critical minerals. Leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the sector’s distinctive regulations, exacting quality standards, and specific requisites, we collaborate closely with our clients to optimize their business models and meet their unique needs.


In the Energy sector, we leverage our unique geographical position as a strategic connection point for global routes of critical minerals. With a keen understanding of the sector’s specific demands, including fluctuating energy prices, sustainability goals, and stringent environmental regulations, we collaborate closely with our clients to optimize their business models and enhance economic performance.


In the Electronics industry, we capitalize on our global network and unique geographical position to meet the industry’s demand for the highest-performing critical minerals. Our supply strategies and stockpiling capabilities for essential components enable us to keep pace with the sector’s rapid technological advancements, supply chain intricacies, and quality demands.


In the Semiconductor industry, our expertise lies in crafting and executing procurement and stockpiling strategies tailored to the industry’s specific demands, encompassing tight supply chains, advanced technology requirements, and precision-driven standards.