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Press Release – Prima Sidera to attend 2023 Raw Materials Week in Bruxelles

We are pleased to announce Prima Sidera participation in the 2023 Raw Materials Week. This prominent annual event, organized by the European Commission, will take place in Brussels, Belgium
6 November 2023

The central focus of this year’s edition will revolve around the European Critical Raw Materials Act. A pivotal event within this week will be the 10th annual High-Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials. This conference, co-organized in collaboration with Eumicon, is scheduled for November 15th and holds significant importance in the realm of raw materials policy and innovation.

Prima Sidera’s itinerary for Raw Materials Week is designed to maximize engagement and collaboration within the industry. Mr. America will be active participant in the various conference events, ensuring access to the latest industry developments, challenges, and innovative solutions. This involvement underscores Prima Sidera commitment to maintaining a position at the forefront of responsible sourcing and procurement in the European market.

In addition to attending the conference, Prima Sidera has arranged a series of business and bilateral meetings. These meetings represent a unique opportunity to engage with counterparts who share a profound interest in the implementation of raw materials procurement plans at the European Union level. These discussions are anticipated to facilitate the establishment of valuable partnerships, collaborations, and strategies that are aligned with Prima Sidera’s overarching mission of promoting sustainable and ethical practices within the raw materials industry.

Mr. Carmine America and the entire Prima Sidera team eagerly anticipate their participation in Raw Materials Week, and they look forward to contributing their wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their presence at this prestigious event reaffirms their unwavering dedication to the responsible and ethical sourcing of raw materials in the European market.

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